Pete Townshend is famous for taking the incredible musical work he has created as a composer and recording artist, and bringing it to the live stage where the songs continue to grow and evolve into a life of their own. His physical acrobatics and aggressive guitar style while performing with The Who are legendary, and the full force of the band bring an explosive power to his songs, earning them the recognition as the greatest live rock and roll band in history. Pete’s solo performances show a different side of the composer, stepping to the center stage to present his songs in a gentle acoustic setting or with large ensembles complete with horn and string sections. His solo interpretations of his songs are equally as powerful as The Who, as they reflect the emotional context of the composer singing in his own voice.

This gigography will focus mainly on Pete’s solo concerts and appearances of the past and present, starting with the 70’s and adding more sections over time. It will also include new concert pages with The Who as they continue to tour, similar to the extensive 2012-2013 Quadrophenia tour pages.

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