Horse's Neck



"I have never wanted simply to tell my own story. But I have tried here to attend to a wide range of feelings. Each story deals with one aspect of my struggle to discover what beauty really is."

- Pete Townshend.


PeteHorsesNeckPhoto credit: Allan Olley/Sunday Mirror/Mirrorpix


Horse’s Neck is a collection 13 short stories in the form of prose and verse written by Pete Townshend between 1979 and 1984. The semi-autobiographical book was published in 1985 by London publisher Faber and Faber, where Pete had been working as an editor since 1983. The subject matter that Pete explores includes his family, Keith Moon and Kit Lambert, life on the road, infidelity, obsession, addiction, ambition, with a few allegorical references to horses sprinkled in for good measure. It is a fascinating read for those who want to see a glimpse into the soul of a great writer during a transitory time of his life.

Here is a video of Pete reading passages from the story "Pancho and the Baron" and discussing the book on the South Bank show in 1985.



Here are a few other versions of the book cover, including the German edition.