Interview on BBC World News

To help promote the Quadrophenia European tour that kicks off on June 8, there will be a 30 minute program on the BBC World News featuring an interview with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey that will be broadcast on June 8 (1:30 & 8:30 GMT) and June 9 (14:30 & 20:30 GMT).  This will be repeated the following weekend on the BBC News on June 15 (00:30 & 15:30 GMT) and June 16 (10:30 & 20:30 GMT).

For more information, please visit BBC World News or BBC News.

Pete Roger BBC

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey talk exclusively to the BBC's David Willis about some of their most celebrated music. Quadrophenia was a product of its time, mixing classic rock with another classic Seventies genre: the concept album. But the storyline itself, about rival youth cultures and a teenager's search for identity, has proved timeless. Now the Who are celebrating a successful new live production which brings Quadrophenia back to the stage.