Pete makes generous donation to the people of Barbuda

Pete Townshend asked us to post the following announcement for him:


I have now donated $150,000 via my charity Double O to the people and community of Barbuda.

I want them to know we are thinking of them, we love them, and we will help in every way we can. They are a small community, but proud and independent from Antigua in some ways (despite being politically connected), and they will not really want to leave. They may have to, at least for a while.

I have routed this donation via Mary Beth Medley who works with Robert De Niro who was (is still?) planning a resort there.

I have hoped to extend the National Antigua Sailing Academy to include Barbuda, but that will be postponed for obvious reasons.

Now there is hope, because Mary Beth tells me they plan to create a new underground utilities infrastructure (water, internet, electricity) that will improve everyday life, provide cheaper electricity, and safe havens in future Hurricanes.