The Who hit New York!

The final leg of the Who Hits 50 tour got off to an excellent start last week, as Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey capped off a successful opening week with a riveting concert in New York City Thursday night, followed by a rare U.S. TV appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday. Check out the video of them performing Who Are You on the Tonight Show below!

The band was on fire as they hit the stage at Madison Square Garden, and turned in a stunning performance at what may be their last visit to one of their favorite venues. The crowd gave them a warm welcome as always, and those who went are raving about how great the show was!

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Photo: Jonathan Bayer

MSG-Jon Rosenbaum1
Photo: Jon Rosenbaum

MSG-Jon Rosenbaum2
Photo: Jon Rosenbaum

Photo: Jonathan Bayer

Before the show, they paid a loving tribute to their good friend David Bowie with a special message in the history slideshow they always display for each city.

MSG Bowie

On Friday night, The Who rocked the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! This was the only time since the Smothers Brothers show in 1967 that The Who have performed as a full band on a US TV show, so this was a very special occasion! Jimmy Fallon is a good friend of Pete, and appeared at the Joe's Pub Attic Jam shows with Pete and Rachel in 2006 and 2007.