Attic Jam and Barnes & Noble concert pages are up!

Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller performed at a series of intimate Attic Jam concerts from 2005 to 2008, starting in London at the Bedford Arms and Oceanic Studios, then later at small clubs in the US on Pete's days off during The Who tours. The shows were a spin off from the popular In The Attic web series, and featured a stellar cast of guest artists.

In 2006, Rachel performed at Barnes & Noble stores to promote her Shine CD. Pete joined Rachel at each show to perform Just Breathe, a song they co-wrote that is featured on the CD.

We are pleased to announce brand new concert pages for each of the Attic Jam and Barnes & Noble shows! The original content was donated to, and features a fantastic collection of photos, setlists, videos and reviews by fans who attended the shows. The photo galleries have been expanded here, with many new ones added!

To view the new concert pages, please go to the Attic Jam and Barnes & Noble galleries!

For more information please visit the In The Attic history page.

Many thanks to everyone who donated this fabulous content!

Attic Jam
Photo by Carrie Pratt