Philly book event serialized on Huff Post

The Huffington Post blog kicked off a 4 part feature that includes a serialized video of Pete's appearance at the Philadelphia Free Library that took place on October 10, 2012.  The blog entries include a nice write up from Pete regarding his experience of doing these book events.

"I enjoyed the session at the University of Pennsylvania. I was interviewed by the musician and songwriter John Wesley Harding (A.K.A author Wesley Stace). We got on well, with a few friends in common.

But once on a stage‚ even with someone I admire, battle commences for ownership of the boards. I've even been known to try to take over David Letterman's show‚ speaking almost entirely to the studio audience and hardly turning to him. He forgives me, but I've had to learn to be polite and courteous as I get older and I'm interviewed. I try to answer questions properly, not just wander into whatever will make the audience laugh or grimace."

Visit the Huffington Post Blog to view the interview.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4