New history page about the Lifehouse Method

In 2007, Pete Townshend launched the Lifehouse Method, which was a software system designed to generate unique pieces of music processed from various personal data that a user input into the website interface. The concept of this project grew out of Pete’s 1971 Lifehouse story, which provided the inspiration to such masterpieces as The Who’s Baba O’Riley.

The Lifehouse Method was created by mathematician and composer Lawrence Ball and software engineer Dave Snowdon, who worked closely with Pete throughout the design and development of this unique and groundbreaking musical portraiture system.

We are delighted to announce a new history page for the Lifehouse Method project and the Method Music album, told primarily in Pete’s own words sourced from various articles, liner notes and transcripts from Method events, followed by exclusive interviews with Lawrence Ball, Dave Snowdon and studio engineer Myles Clarke.

To read all about it, please go to the Lifehouse Method page!

Method launch1