The Who are looking for archival recordings

The Who are reaching out to fans and collectors around the world, in the hopes of finding rare and lost recordings and other memorabilia to include in a retrospective that will celebrate the band's 50th anniversary.

Pete chatted about this in a recent interview that was featured on a promotional video for the upcoming tour.


We are considering with our record company (I haven't actually had any meetings about it yet) about creating something that will look back, and maybe have some extra collateral and stuff. So anything that is out there that anyone has got that they think may be interesting. You know what also is interesting is that I've got lots of interviews on cassette, and things like that, they are quite interesting. Odd snips of Keith Moon on the radio being funny is quite good too.

Here is more information from the UK music PR firm Outside Organisation.


To celebrate turning 50, The Who are reaching out to fans and collectors around the world to help locate rare and lost recordings from the last 5 decades.

The band are looking for rare radio and TV performances, home movies from gigs, extraordinary bootleg material, demos, unusual photos and memorabilia for their 50th anniversary releases. If you think it’s rare, we’d like to see it!

Any item that is used will be fully credited on any release and the person with the most outstanding find will receive 2 VIP tickets for a show on the next Who tour.

The contact for any fan wanting to get in touch is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.