The Who planning new Mods and Rockers TV series

Plans may be underway for a new TV series called Mods and Rockers that is about London’s music scene in the 1960’s. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of The Who and the band’s manager Bill Curbishley are rumored to be in talks to handle the music and co-produce with UK director Simon West.

According to ScreenDaily, West (who is currently working on a script) envisages Mods and Rockers as an eight-part “international series”.

“We’re not remaking Quadrophenia but it’s that kind of world. It will also cover the rockers’ side of the story and spills out into the wider world of swinging ‘60s London, taking in gangsters, music and fashion. The two tribes will be at the heart of it.”

“I’d like to replicate the model of those feature directors who shoot all episodes of a series in one go, back to back, then split them up” he added. “That way I would get control over the look and essence of the piece from top to bottom.”

This is very exciting news! We are hopeful this goes into production, and look forward to seeing it in the near future!